Master Mike Pannulla and his staff at Magnus Karate have been training our son (14 yrs) and daughter (11 yrs) for the past five years. Our children’s experience under Master Pannulla and his staff’s tutelage has far exceeded our expectations and has opened our eyes to the multitude of benefits children receive through martial arts training. Not only has Master Pannulla and his team markedly increased our children’s knowledge of Tang Soo Do and fitness level, but they have also taught our children many skills that are necessary for continued academic success and success in adult life. Through his teachings, the students to be good listeners, build teamwork skills and in turn, learn to be effective leaders and teachers themselves. The hard work and tireless dedication that Mike and his staff show day in and day out are true reflections of the love, compassion, and desire they have for martial arts teaching.

Renee D., Parent

My daughter Jessica and I started at Magnus Karate three years ago when Jessica was six years old. Master Pannulla has taught her respect, self-discipline and given her self-confidence! I too am involved in the adult program. I have learned so much from Mike and have made friendships and train with other wonderful adult students. Out of all the instructors I have had throughout my life, Master Pannulla is the most passionate instructor I have ever met! He is constantly training and mastering his own skills so he can pass on his wonderful talent to his students. If you asked Jessica what her favorite sport is, hands down, it's Karate.

Michelle C., Parent and student

Our daughter joined Magnus Karate several years ago as part of the Junior Magnus program, progressed to a red belt and is now a member of the leadership team. She absolutely loves participating in the advanced classes and helping out at the junior classes. Master Pannulla’s enthusiasm and energy create a great environment to learn and have fun. Master Pannulla helps the kids develop, not only in their technical skills, but also as young people, by instilling the values of discipline, hard work, respect, and responsibility. Master Pannulla has created a family environment where kids can have fun and achieve their goals. Magnus Karate has been and continues to be a wonderful experience for our daughter

Lori D., parent

My daughter and I have been students at Magnus Karate for a year and a half and we couldn't be happier with our experiences. When we were first looking for a Karate school, it took just one trial class with Master Pannulla before my daughter was hooked. "I don't want to go anywhere else," she said on the way home. She loved everything about it--the warm-up exercises, Kata, kicks, self defense, sparring, and especially her instructor Master Pannulla--a gifted teacher with exceptional skills and a no-nonsense, yet warm disposition that resonates with children and adults. He values continuous learning and teaches every class with positive energy and a genuine desire to share his knowledge. My daughter's training means a lot to her. We feel fortunate to have found Magnus Karate. It's been an important part of our family and we're thankful and proud to be part of it.

In the adult class we study Shobayashi Shorin-ryu, a classical Okinawan martial art that offers practical life protection techniques, Kata, and energy-based concepts. It's a life-long journey of learning and skill development that I thoroughly enjoy under the instruction of Master Pannulla and camaraderie of my fellow classmates.

John P. , Adult student and parent