Junior Magnus (Ages 4-6)


Age: 4-6 years
Class Duration: 45 minutes

The Junior Magnus program accepts students between the ages of 4-6 and is an option unique to Magnus Karate. Designed as our school’s developmental readiness program, Junior Magnus boasts a fun, fast-paced, and age-appropriate style of martial arts instruction. Its purpose is to prepare students for the higher levels of the Magnus Karate system.

We make sure that all of our students benefit from a highly structured, energetic, and safe environment. This allows for the opportunity to teach lessons that compliment what children are learning at home and at school, including reinforcement of good behavior, rule following techniques, transition skills, and attention development.

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  • True early physical education to help students learn how to use their body
  • Structured and consistent instruction
  • A fun environment that includes obstacle courses and games
  • Readies students for higher-level learning and transition into black belt training
  • Development of motor skills, coordination, and focus
  • Strengthens self-confidence and encourages social interaction
  • Rewards and belt rank system for advancement
  • Learn karate without sacrificing other commitments (see flex schedule description below)
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  • Obstacle Course Warm-Up
  • Basic Kicking Practice
  • Striking Practice
  • Age appropriate Self Defense Training
  • Blocking / Body Evasion Drills
  • Jumping, Balance, Agility, Reaction, FITNESS!
  • Concentration / Focus Based Drills
  • Karate Based Games
  • Pre-Black Belt Class Readiness

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