Leadership Team


The Magnus Karate Leadership Team is a unique, gratifying, and fun experience for students to gain experience helping others, supporting local charities, and assisting with actual karate-do instruction. At Magnus Karate, we believe that children can truly make a difference in their community at a young age and the Leadership Team provides that opportunity.

Selected students will have the chance to work privately with Master Pannulla to become an assistant instructor, receive specially designed instruction at private bi-monthly training sessions, and to help those in need by volunteering at charities that affect their community. The Leadership Team has sincerely become something both parents and children will be proud of and it promises a feeling of fulfillment that is hard to find anywhere else.


  • Must be at least nine years old
  • Must be at least the rank of Red Belt
  • Must show strong consistency with attendance
  • Must be a model student within his/her class
  • Must be willing to attend bi-monthly training sessions (usually Sundays)
  • Must be willing to attend volunteering and service projects set up by Master Pannulla


  • Service and volunteer opportunities
  • Assistant Instructor training and experience
  • Private Leadership Team workshops
  • Group travel opportunities
  • Demonstration Team member
  • Special Leadership Team gear