Magnus Karate (Ages 7-14)


Magnus Karate (age 7-14) is a progressive, age-appropriate, and authentic black belt training program. Our curriculum is designed to teach the basic, intermediate, and advanced levels of the Traditional Korean Karate-Do system called Tang Soo Do (a derivative of Okinawan Karate-Do). Students will begin or enhance their physical and mental martial art skill within two levels—the beginner and advanced levels. Within both levels, students will learn the importance of self-commitment, the value of independent practice, and strong character development.

The program features an exciting curriculum that allows our students to gain a sense of achievement, confidence, and success.

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Class Duration: 60 minutes or 75 minutes



  • NO contracts! NO set up fees!
  • FREE trial lesson before enrollment
  • The pathway to becoming a true black belt!
  • Our students receive CONSISTENCY in INSTRUCTION
    • (Master Pannulla teaches ALL classes)
  • Age Appropriate Curriculum
  • Progressive based teaching style
  • Rewards and belt rank system for advancement
  • Positive social interaction with classmates/training partners
  • Learn to spar for both exercise and technique application
  • Kata / Forms development (beginner – advanced)
  • Optional tournament exposure and experience
  • Enhanced personal protection and self defense knowledge


BASIC CURRICULUM OUTLINE (for both beginner and advanced levels)

  • Flexibility Training
  • Self Defense / Personal Protection
    • Taught in age appropriate stages to progressively enable your child to intuitively react if necessary.
    • Kinetic striking, takedowns, grappling, joint locks, escape and counter, footwork, situational awareness
  • Partner Drilling
    • Pad Striking and Kicking
    • Flow Drilling, Sparring Drills
    • Defensive Concepts , One Step Sparring Drills
  • Sport Based Sparring
  • Forms Practice (aka, Kata or Hyung)
  • Kicking and Striking Techniques
  • Supplementary Training
    • Balance, Core/Hip/Shoulder Functionality, Speed, Agility, Safety Falling and Rolling.

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