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The Magnus Karate Adult Program is a reality-based martial arts training program set in an engaging class structure. From the basic to the complex, the Magnus Karate system teaches practical, functional and principle-based life protection methods. The ego-free, non-competitive class atmosphere offers the opportunity for each student to join a community dedicated to technical competence, wellness of body and mind, group exercise, and personal progression.

The Instructor’s meaningful blend of experience in Korean, Japanese and Okinawan Karate offer a unique course featuring modern and classical training methods.

No prior experience is necessary. Adult classes at Magnus Karate include both male and female students within a broad age range. Each lesson is strategically planned so that each student can enhance functional motion, progress integrated movement, learn a variety of personal protection tools, and continuously advance through our classical belt rank system.

From the vigorous warm up exercises to the martial principles involved during each session, they consistently culminate in a well-rounded martial arts education.

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Class Duration: 1 hour and 15 minutes


  • Classical Okinawan Shorin-Ryu Karate
  • Group exercise practice
  • Flexibility growth
  • Practical pad striking skills
  • Foot, Knee, Leg and Hand strike variations
  • Throwing, Tripping and Sweeping
  • Avoidance and awareness education
  • Close quarter reality based combative training
  • Self protection practice designed to allow the student to intuitively react
  • Grappling (from all ranges)
  • Joint manipulation technique
  • Principle based life protection and wellness arts
  • Kata development and advanced interpretation
  • Okinwana Kobudo practice (classical weapons development)

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